Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most demanded treatments in dental aesthetics. They are treatments with the following characteristics:

  • Conservatives
  • Simple
  • Short duration
  • Satisfactory results
  • Problems with teeth whitening

But do not give you a pig for a hare. If you want to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, you should go to your trusted dentist and have them explain which teeth whitening option suits you the most and if it is really the treatment you need to show off that smile you want.

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It may be preferable that you put porcelain or composite veneers , these, in addition to achieving the color of your teeth, can correct slight alterations in the shape and position of the teeth.

Many patients who go to a dentist to begin cosmetic dental treatment tell him that they have used whitening pastes without achieving any results . The doctor does not advise them, they do not have the effectiveness of the whitening agents used in the dental clinic.

As we have recommended at the beginning of the article, you should perform this type of treatment in a dental clinic and put yourself in the hands of a person who has the appropriate training, a dentist , and if he is a specialist in dental aesthetics, the better.

It seems obvious, but there are centers that offer this type of treatment performed by unqualified personnel . The BBC has recently issued a documentary in which one of its research teams demonstrated how unqualified people performed these treatments in unsuitable premises and with unsuitable concentrations of bleaching agents. This documentary reflected how one of these people performed these treatments and even sold the bleaching agent.

Dangers of teeth whitening performed by unqualified personnel

Performing these treatments uncontrollably can be detrimental to the integrity of your teeth and gums . It is imperative that the bleaching agent is applied at the correct concentration and time. The whitening agents most used by dentists are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide . If they are used in very high concentrations, as did the people involved in the plot of the report, they can generate dental hypersensitivity.

This tooth sensitivity manifests itself as a very intense cramp in the affected tooth or teeth. In the case of performing the whitening in the dental clinic, it is also important to isolate the gums from the whitening agent because it can irritate them and generate ulcers that take a few days to heal and are quite painful.

You have two options for performing this type of treatment: at the dental clinic or at home.

Do it at the dental clinic. In one or two sessions (if necessary, it is necessary to come on more occasions, although it is rare) the bleaching agent is applied (with the due precautions mentioned before) and halogen light is applied to activate it.
To follow the treatment at home . The process is as follows: In a first appointment, alginate impressions are taken to make the splints in the laboratory. At the next appointment you are given the splints and it is explained how you should apply the bleaching agent.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN YOU BY YOUR DENTIST! Weekly will make revisones  to see if you need to follow to use it. one or two weeks is usually sufficient.

You see that both options are very comfortable to get beautiful white teeth, but to make them that simple you must go to centers where they know what they do.


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